Power Responsive – Flexibility Investor Event

11 Apr 2017

Power Responsive will be hosting an afternoon to potential and existing flexibility investors on 10th May in London.  If you’re looking at investment opportunities around flexibility, and interested to learn more regarding National Grid’s approach to increasing participation in the market, please contact us at powerresponsive@nationalgrid.com

Working Groups – March 2017

The Power Responsive Storage Working Group and DSR Provider Group took place on 13th and 21st March respectively.  Please find the combined summary note from both working groups below.  If you wish to be invited to either (or both) future working groups please contact powerresponsive@nationalgrid.com.

Trade Association Roundtable

08 Mar 2017

Power Responsive held a roundtable discussion with Trade Associations from a variety of energy related sectors. Discussion focused on how Power Responsive can work more closely with the energy market and business customer Trade Associations, and how the 2016 Power Responsive Annual Report can be developed further to encompass a wider set of metrics. Please view our summary note and provide any feedback to powerresponsive@nationalgrid.com

Steering Group Meeting – 25th January 2017

14 Feb 2017

Power Responsive’s Steering Group met on 25th January 2017 where discussions focused on the impact of changes to Transmission & Distribution network charges on investment cases for demand side flexibility. The meeting summary and associated ‘snapshot’ are available to download.

Finding creative ways to balance the electricity system

08 Feb 2017

Jeff Whittingham, Managing Director at DONG Energy Sales UK believes that cross-industry collaboration is vital as the UK works towards a better energy future. Here he tells us how businesses […]