Power Responsive Summer Insight Series

In place of the annual Power Responsive Summer Reception we will be running a two-week programme of podcasts sharing views and information from industry colleagues and experts.  This Summer Insights Series aims to provide demand side stakeholders with short but focused updates and insights on flexibility developments to support the transition to a more flexible energy grid.

The series will begin from 29th June, with content released on a daily basis over the following two weeks. We are keen to hear if stakeholders have specific questions relating to the content that our insights will cover, including:

  • Updates and future outlook for policy & the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan
  • Low demand & challenges to National Grid ESO summer operability
  • Accessing DER in a hurry – Optional Downward Flexibility Management (ODFM)
  • Covid-19 and the demand side – impacts and long-term effects
  • Dynamic Containment and the ESO’s new suite of frequency products
  • Regional Development Programmes – the future of local flexibility markets?
  • Community Energy Projects – how are they evolving?
  • The Open Networks Project & facilitating new DER?
  • RIIO-D2 – what opportunities could the new distribution price control have for flexibility?
  • Demand side and the Balancing Mechanism – navigating the Virtual Lead Party (VLP) route
  • Capacity Market  – 15-year agreements for DSR

Please contact us through [email protected] if you have any specific questions relating to these topics that you would like answered.