Power Responsive Annual Report 2019

We are pleased to let you know that the latest Power Responsive Annual Report has now been published.  The report highlights flexibility developments and market progress throughout 2019 as well as signalling future activity across the flexibility landscape for 2020/21.

The report itself covers:

  • An overview of Power Responsive and the programme’s future strategy for supporting the development and participation of demand side markets.
  • Highlights of recent policy, regulatory and industry-led initiatives supporting or impacting DSF.
  • Demand side metrics across National Grid ESO Ancillary Services, the Capacity Market and Triad activity in 2019 assessing how these markets have developed over a three-year period.
  • Future outlook for demand side markets and flexibility opportunities.

We’d like to thank Sustainability First for their assistance in preparing the report and for the Power Responsive programme in general.

We’re very much interested to hear your thoughts regarding the report, including how useful it is to you and your organisation, and where you think any future improvements could be made.  Please provide us with your feedback at [email protected]