Tackling the peaks

01 Jul 2015

The UK’s energy supply is a balancing act like no other – managing demand takes careful planning and experience. David Hill, Business Development Director at Open Energi, explains why Demand […]

DSR and the UK’s renewable potential

01 Jun 2015

As the energy market changes, we need to be prepared for a smarter future. That’s the message from Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of electricity supplier and generator Good Energy. […]

Demand side: what’s the potential and how do we access it?

01 May 2015

For one of the UK’s largest suppliers of electricity and gas, demand side response is part of a wider energy market picture that must focus on flexibility, fairness and achieving […]

Northern Powergrid explores a ‘customer-led network revolution’

01 Apr 2015

As the Distribution Network Operator serving customers in the North East of England, Yorkshire and parts of Lincolnshire, Northern Powergrid is at the sharp end of the debate on demand […]

Time to get ahead of the DSR game

01 Mar 2015

America leads the way in the demand side response (DSR) market, but in the UK the landscape is changing fast as businesses quickly come round to the fact that there […]

Why the DSR numbers need to add up first

14 Feb 2015

The Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) is an independent, consumer-led body representing industrial, commercial, retail and public sector organisations for whom electricity and gas is a significant operational cost. Eddie […]

Demand Side Response could transform our energy system

01 Jan 2015

Tomorrow’s electricity landscape will look very different to that of today. Demand Side Response (DSR) will play an increasingly vital role in building a secure, sustainable and affordable electricity system […]