How smart charging can help unlock flexible capacity from EVs

12 Dec 2017

Dagoberto Cedillos, Strategy & Innovation Lead at Open Energi explores how smart charging can help unlock flexible capacity from Electric Vehicles. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have taken off in 2017 with […]

DSR: The next chapter of energy efficiency

30 Jun 2017

Many businesses have successfully cut costs in recent years through a focus on reducing electricity consumption. Robert Owens, Vice President of Asset Optimisation, explains the raft of new opportunities emerging […]

How AI is shaping the future of energy

19 Jun 2017

Michael Bironneau, Technical Director of Open Energi explains how artificial intelligence can be used to provide demand side flexibility more efficiently.  Technology is changing the way we live. By 2020 […]

Finding creative ways to balance the electricity system

08 Feb 2017

Jeff Whittingham, Managing Director at DONG Energy Sales UK believes that cross-industry collaboration is vital as the UK works towards a better energy future. Here he tells us how businesses […]

A new frontier in demand side response

02 Dec 2016

Dr Jens Madrian, Chief Commercial Officer for Reactive Technologies, explains the latest development in energy communications that’s leading the way to a smart energy revolution – the Grid Data and […]

How can we make the electricity system more flexible?

04 Apr 2016

There are five priority areas of focus, as Andrew Burgess, Associate Partner, Energy Systems at Ofgem explains. The way Britain generates and uses electricity is rapidly changing. We could save […]

Understanding is the key to Demand Response

21 Jan 2016

Flexibility can be found in any industrial space. And here at REstore – Europe’s largest aggregator – we operate Demand Response programmes at 125 sites across Belgium, UK and France, […]

Mythbusting demand side response

07 Nov 2015

Dr Alastair Martin, CSO, Flexitricity takes a look at some common myths relating to demand side response and gives his view on the opportunities that are available. This June, I […]

Staying switched on

01 Sep 2015

Modernising the UK’s electricity grid is crucial if the country is to meet its global carbon commitment. Leigh Draper, Communications and Special Projects Manager at energy innovator UK Power Reserve, […]

Internet of Things is meeting the UK’s grid balancing needs faster than a power station

02 Jul 2015

It’s a well reported fact that electricity margins are tighter than they have been for a number of years and there has been growing interest in how we balance energy […]