Steering Group Meeting – 25th January 2017

14 Feb 2017

Power Responsive’s Steering Group met on 25th January 2017 where discussions focused on the impact of changes to Transmission & Distribution network charges on investment cases for demand side flexibility. The meeting summary and associated ‘snapshot’ are available to download.

Power Responsive Annual Report 2016

23 Dec 2016

Power Responsive’s Annual Report on demand flexibility 2016 has now been published. The report explores the activities of Power Responsive in its first year and looks ahead to the opportunities for year two. It includes insights from participating customers and the energy industry, while providing baseline statistics for assessing progress in the years ahead.

Accompanying the report is a summary publication for those interested in the headline messages and key findings.  Both documents can be downloaded from the links below.

Steering Group Meeting Outputs

19 Jan 2016

The meeting summary document is available to download, as well as a demand side response (DSR) market snapshot. This snapshot is a high-level overview of the role of DSR in Britain’s electricity markets today.

Steering Group Meeting Outputs

19 Oct 2015

In this first meeting, the terms of reference for the group were discussed and subsequently signed off. This document is available to download (see right hand pane). The meeting summary document is available to download, as well as the meeting handout.