Steering Group Meeting – 11th April 2018

08 May 2018

The 11th Power Responsive Steering Group meeting took place on 11th April 2018 with discussions focusing on ‘Development of regional markets and price discovery‘, including:

  • Development of regional markets for flexibility – DNO and Suppliers’ plans
  • Price discovery for demand side flexibility

The meeting summary and discussion snapshot have now been published and are available to download from the following links:

Steering Group Meeting – 31st January 2018

26 Feb 2018

The 10th Power Responsive Steering Group meeting took place on 31st January 2018 with discussions focusing on ‘Sources of Demand Side Flexibility – assets and providers’, including:

  • What flexibility services are offered at an asset level,
  • How and into which markets do assets appear best suited,
  • and what (if any) under utilised potential is there for load response, small-scale generation, and electricity storage

The meeting summary and discussion snapshot can be viewed and downloaded from the links below:

Power Responsive Annual Report 2017

07 Feb 2018

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Power Responsive Annual Report for 2017. The report has been designed for an audience with a good understanding of demand side flexibility (DSF), and serves to celebrate achievements to date, present a view of the current ‘state of play’ for DSF, and look ahead to flexibility opportunities.

We have built upon the 2016 report, in particular on metrics for participation within DSF markets, from which we hope to benchmark against in future years.

We’d like to thank Sustainability First for their assistance in preparing the report, Association for Decentralised Energy for conducting the self reporting survey through their membership, and to all who contributed their time at metrics steering groups.

Steering Group Meeting – 11th October 2017

31 Oct 2017

The second Steering Group meeting for year 3 of Power Responsive took place on 11th October 2017 with discussions focusing on ‘the whole system benefit’, including:

  • What is meant by ‘whole system’?
  • How industry work streams are tackling ‘whole system’.
  • National Grid’s Product Roadmap and ENA Commercial Principles paper.
  • Customer views on ‘whole system’ approach

The meeting summary is available to download from the following link.

Steering Group Meeting – 26th April 2017

08 Jun 2017

Power Responsive’s Steering Group met on 26th April 2017 where discussions focused on value stacking demand side flexibility from different GB markets, and current customer views on participating in flexibility.  The meeting summary and associated ‘snapshots’ are available to download on the links below.

Steering Group Meeting – 25th January 2017

14 Feb 2017

Power Responsive’s Steering Group met on 25th January 2017 where discussions focused on the impact of changes to Transmission & Distribution network charges on investment cases for demand side flexibility. The meeting summary and associated ‘snapshot’ are available to download.

Power Responsive Annual Report 2016

23 Dec 2016

Power Responsive’s Annual Report on demand flexibility 2016 has now been published. The report explores the activities of Power Responsive in its first year and looks ahead to the opportunities for year two. It includes insights from participating customers and the energy industry, while providing baseline statistics for assessing progress in the years ahead.

Accompanying the report is a summary publication for those interested in the headline messages and key findings.  Both documents can be downloaded from the links below.