Power Responsive Guide to Demand Side Response Webinars

The Power Responsive Guide to Demand Side Response is now available.

Get more information on demand side flexibility opportunities with our new webinar guides.

These guides provide a service overview and highlight potential routes to market for Reserve services, Frequency Response services, Wider access to the Balancing Mechanism, and the Capacity Market.

Power Responsive Guide to Demand Side Response

We are pleased to let you know that the latest Guide to DSR has now been published.

This guide is a great starting point for anybody looking to understand the demand side proposition, and access additional revenue by providing Balancing Services to National Grid ESO or your local DNO, whether directly or through a third party. Businesses from many sectors including manufacturing, health services, retail, and transport, to name just a few, are continuing to support our energy system. There are likely to be opportunities whatever your business. Aggregators and suppliers are numerous, and their support can be extremely valuable in helping to identify flexibility opportunities where you might not think possible.

We’re very much interested to hear your thoughts regarding the guide, including how useful it is to you and your organisation, and where you think any future improvements could be made.  Please provide us with your feedback at [email protected]

Product Roadmap for Frequency Response and Reserve

19 Dec 2017

National Grid as System Operator (SO) has today published its Product Roadmap for frequency response and reserve markets. It marks an important milestone in the wider review of balancing services undertaken through the System Needs and Product Strategy earlier this year.

The Product Roadmap sets out the actions to be taken forward for frequency response and reserve markets and details the principles that will govern the way that balancing services are procured in future.

Visit the Future of Balancing Services to download the Product Roadmap.

Ofgem – Regulatory Sandbox

03 Oct 2017

Ofgem have launched the second window of the regulatory sandbox, which will be open for expressions of interest until 27 October 2017.

The regulatory sandbox allows innovators to trial innovative business products, services and business models that cannot currently operate under the existing regulations. Trials run for a set period of time with a limited number of customers.

Ofgem want to support innovative ideas that bring benefits to consumers. This also helps them to understand emerging trends in the sector and identify areas in which regulation may need to adapt to sustain innovation.

Find out more through their blog, and how to submit an expression of interest through the links below.

Short Guide

01 Aug 2016

Our short guide provides a clear picture of the benefits of getting involved in demand side response (DSR). It’s also a great way of highlighting all the financial and environmental benefits to other decision makers in your organisation.

Demand side response (DSR) guide

10 Mar 2016

The Major Energy User’s Council (MEUC) have produced a very comprehensive DSR guide that provides all the information companies will need to be able to profit from DSR.

DSR product map

16 Dec 2015

This two-page product map summarises all the products that are available now, and provides details of who you can talk to for more information.